Who is Votan?

“Votan’s many millennia of stargazing had shrunken the awesome scale and scope of the universe by means of a clinically precise method of elimination that he had devised himself. That his effort had not yet achieved the desired outcome was not the fault of his system, which was infinitesimally meticulous. The fault was in the stars, so to speak, and in the Immortal’s never bankrupt hourglass. In other words, he incorrectly calculated that the sky would run out of twinkling stars to count before the one doing the counting would run out of years to live. Votan supposed the total number of stars in the sky not to exceed the number of grains of sand in his desert kingdom. It had taken him eleven millennia to count those, and then another eleven just to be sure. Votan’s quest may have seemed like folly to one whose hourglass contained only so many sand granules, but time was the one thing Votan had in greater abundance than sand. More importantly, he was majorly perturbed by the notion that the universe was infinite, and, as such, even though he would be around forever, he was, in the grand scheme of things, still quite small and seemingly insignificant.” (p. 204, After Antarctica)



©2014 Alexander Nixon

All illustrations © 2014-15 Alexander Nixon

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