65 MYA

“The Twilight of Fire”

(Paleocene Epoch)

…Tláloc decimates Atitlán’s “dragons”…

55 MYA

“The Dawn of Darkness”

(Eocene Epoch)

Atitlán retaliates by engineering the simultaneous eruption of so many volcanoes that the world enters an age of fire, followed by an age of darkness…

30 MYA

“The Golden Age”

(Oligocene Epoch)

Tláloc banishes all surviving dragons to the Fourth Realm. In order to make sure that they stay there, Tláloc severs Ancient Antarctica from the outer Five Realms. Ancient Antarctica’s short-term salvation is, in the long-term, her doom…

20 MYA

“Eternal Winter”

(Miocene Epoch)

Glaciers advance from the ocean, lurching over the mountains and rivers of the Four Kingdoms until most of Ancient Antarctica is a frozen wasteland …


15 MYA

“Mists of the Middle Kingdom”

The Twilight of Ancient Antarctica…


2 MYA “The Exodus”

(Pleistocene Epoch)

Tláloc unites the Fourth and Fifth Realms in order to lead the Exodus

from the Middle Kingdom. The Maya are the only known mortals to survive the voyage…




(Holocene Epoch)

Tláloc creates “man”…


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